Parody Builders & Sons, LLC



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General FAQ

  • Do you obtain the required permits and needed inspections?
  • We sure do! We take all the stress and headaches behind obtaining permits, inspections and scheduling off your shoulders!

  • Do I need my own plans?
  • No, we can assist you find plans that work for you or create custom plans for you. At Parody Builders, you can give us a sketch on a napkin and we can make your idea reality.

  • What’s the difference between a General Contractor and a Builder?
  • As builders we perform the actual construction of your project or a component of the project. As the General Contractor, or GC, we coordinate the entire project including all specialty tradesmen needed like plumbers, electricians, excavators, etc.

  • Are you licensed and properly insured?
  • We are licensed to perform all functions we provide, and can provide certificates of insurance from liabilities to workers compensation.